Our Core Values

The word "Axiom" means Truth.  When you come to Axiom Chiropractic, we expect these three values to be evident in all we do and say to everyone who passes through our doors.

Learn the Truth

Our patients will not be passive participants in their health.  We encourage each person to ask questions of the doctor and not simply follow the recommendations blindly.  As a clinic we strive to back everything up with peer-reviewed and evidence-based research, so you can feel confident that what we are telling you is the truth.


Experience the Truth

Proactive or Reactive?

I'm sure you would agree that our nation uses the reactive approach when it comes to health.  Here, we like our patients to experience the life-long benefits of having a proactive approach instead.  It is so much easier to attain and maintain good health than it is to start from scratch again and again.


Share the Truth

A phrase we often hear at Axiom is, "Why hasn't anyone ever told me this before?"  It is our goal as a clinic to make Sioux Falls the healthiest city in the nation, and now you are a part of our mission!  Once you have learned and experienced the truth about good health, it is your responsibility to share the hope with those around you.  You don't know what you think, say, or do today that has the potential to impact the lives of millions tomorrow.