Are You Suffering From Numbness, Tingling Or Pain In The Hands Or Feet And Have Been Told Nothing Can Be Done?

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We Are the Hub of Neuropathy Care in the Midwest

Our passion is to heal peripheral neuropathy. Unlike what the medical community claims, there are methods to help reverse and reduce its symptoms. We utilize evidence-based strategies to reverse the pain, numbness, tingling, balance problems, and other unwanted issues associated with this condition. Our Doctors specifically focus on Neuropathy and have seen the results through the lives of their patients! We will work with you to understand your needs and find a plan that is best for your body to get the best results. 

Our Experienced Doctors Care & Are Ready to Help You !

Our doctors & staff at Axiom Chiropractic & Neuropathy are qualified, skilled professionals with a heart ready to help you reduce your pain – so, you can live the life you deserve! 

Dr. Justin Wubben, Clinical Director, has helped thousands of people overcome major health challenges since 2010. He has studied how to beat neuropathy using cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques and also lectures to doctors across the nation on the industry’s latest advancements.  

Dr. Tara Zeinstra and Dr. Randy Morthland are ready to listen to your needs, determine the root cause of your problem and craft a customized treatment accordingly. Learn more about each doctor and their credentials in their full bio on our About page.

Investing In Your Health Now Can Help You Live A Brighter Future

Investing in your health takes time and is not a quick fix, but it’s worth the effort in the long run. Since peripheral neuropathy gets worse over time, it’s vital to stop the symptoms before they cause irreversible damage.

According to the National Institute of Health:

“Peripheral nerves have the ability to regenerate as long as the underlying nerve cell has not been killed”

We’ll follow through on that fact with our state-of-the-art medical-grade devices and unrivaled patient dedication, to stop your pain before it’s too late.

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