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Sleep Loss Worsens Neuropathy And Damages Your Health

Our society moves at a frantic pace and pulls us in a thousand different directions. Lack of sleep has become the norm and is at times even admired as a sign of commitment and dedication to family, career, and community. While sleeping seven or eight hours seems like...

Is Peripheral Neuropathy Reversible?

Peripheral neuropathy, that tingling, burning, or numb feeling in your extremities, can be distressing. Ranging from annoying and uncomfortable to painful and debilitating, many patients wonder if there is hope that the condition can be reversed. The answer largely...

Helping a Loved One With Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms can be challenging to cope with physically and emotionally. And while you may not be experiencing the symptoms yourself, watching a loved one struggle comes with its own challenges. You may feel hopeless because you don’t know how to...