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Can Diet Be a Factor in Developing Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy is damage to the nerves outside your brain and spinal cord. Several factors can lead to a person developing this condition. It might surprise you to learn that diet is one of the main factors. Find out how by reading the following responses from...

The Link Between Chemotherapy and Peripheral Neuropathy

It seems that cancer is the gift that keeps on giving. Biopsies, scans, radiation, and chemo. There always seems to be one more side-effect for cancer patients to deal with. Chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), unfortunately, is another unpleasant aspect of the...

Getting Peripheral Neuropathy To Chill This Winter

Cold weather brings a wealth of fun activities like snowball fights, sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, caroling, warm nights by the fire, and holiday celebrations with family and friends. For people suffering from peripheral neuropathy, however, the cold often also...

Why Daily Exercise is Vital if You Have Neuropathy

When every movement hurts, limiting your exercise or stopping altogether can be tempting. After all, with your feet propped up in your favorite chair, you don’t notice the pain as much. However, inactivity is one of the worst decisions you can make if you have...