Neuropathy Conditions

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Loss of Balance Treatment

Balance Problems

Do you find yourself losing your balance? It might interest you to know that these conditions could be related...
Patient - Burning

Burning Pain

The key to figuring out which burning pain treatment you need is assessing the root cause of the damage...
Patient - Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

The problem is chronic pain isn’t just a symptom of an injury or illness. Chronic pain is also the root cause of many other conditions...
diabetic nerve pain

Diabetic Nerve Pain

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes or are feeling the effects of diabetic nerve damage, you probably have questions...
Patient - Electrical Pain
Patient - Electrical Pain

Electrical Pain

People suffering from peripheral neuropathy often describe the sharp shooting pain as electrical. That uncomfortable zing is a sign that something is wrong...


Numbness in fingers and feet can be a temporary side effect of damage, or it can be permanent. It depends on the type of damage...